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Private Cosmetic Courses

soap factory course To build a business, study 2 days. You can choose the day of study according to your convenience. It is a one-on-one course.

Course code : P1

Next time : Customers can choose the day of study by themselves.


It is a course that focuses on making bar soap in an industrial way. Properties of the composition that affect the quality of soap. with techniques for calculating soap recipes Factory formula soap Used to produce in famous brands. The formula is stable, low cost, can be used to produce immediately. It is the wisdom that was invented. and knowledge accumulated over 20 years, making more than 100,000 bars of soap per month. Using a soap making machine, setting tools without having to learn to make mistakes and do it right Recommend the installation of machines in the factory to be suitable for the job site and the factory area. stabilize the soap Cure the rancidity of handmade soaps. Adding important substances in the soap factory makes the soap last for a long time. The technique of making soap will harden within 1 day. After studying, you can build on it. Develop your own formula and can definitely make products

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