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Intradental health problem
bad-intradental-health problem important  if you have oral problems  gums and teeth  cause bad breath. and tooth decay  Bad breath or bad breath   makes you feel a lack of confidence around you. others which company. Thai Traditional Aesthetic Medicine Co., Ltd. has realized the importance of taking care of oral problems  and teeth, therefore the company has developed the formula  research and continually improving on such products.   to meet the needs of the general public  is a concentrated formula for oral and dental care. Assorted herbs  that protects and maintains healthy teeth and gums  moisturizes the mouth  reduces the problem of people with tooth sensitivity  reduce gum inflammation reduce plaque_reduce plaque Ingredients in dental and oral care products, the company emphasizes as the safest for oral use  with a unique fresh scent good taste  very foamy  no burning in mouth when brushinglong-lasting cool and refreshing sensation  non-irritating to the oral mucosa  with multiple benefits in one

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