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Mission, Goals and Vision

Policy of Thai Traditional Medicine Co., Ltd.

​    “Committed to Thai health and beauty services. including standard quality products at a reasonable price meet customer satisfaction and has continued research and development.”


​    Leadership in Manufacturing Natural and herbal products including beauty health training services Cosmetic products  Cosmetic products from Thai herbs. and health products create the highest satisfaction for customers in terms of quality and service at international standards.


  1. Develop products and service quality with a standardized management system. to meet customer satisfaction

  2. is committed to improving the quality of production and continuous service with fast and flexible management with a quality team

  3. Committed to developing personnel to have knowledge of health and beauty continually To have the potential to compete internationally and create happiness and pride in working with the company

  4. Health, safety and environmental considerations in the production process and services at all times.

  5. Use of raw materials, materials, and equipment in a cost-effective manner and for maximum benefit To create profits and consistently good returns for the company

  6. Strive to design and develop differentiated courses and products. in order to be marketable



  1. Developing personnel to have knowledge of health and beauty and skills in new technologies

  2. Cost reduction in the production process raw material procurement process by finding new production techniques to help reduce costs

  3. communication system development both internally and externally in a timely, accurate and complete manner

  4. Maintaining the quality of production and service to maintain the existing customer base and add new customers

  5. Welfare promotion to employees as an incentive to love the organization

  6. Comply with the requirements and laws regarding health, safety and environmental considerations.



​Objectives and goals


  1. Committed to becoming a world-class natural and herbal cosmetics manufacturer

  2. There are lab rooms, factories and R&D that meet world-class standards.

  3. To be the number 1 leader in training courses on natural cosmetics and herbs. including natural and herbal products

  4. with sales of not less than 10 billion per year

  5. Paying attention to the living standards of employees to be a happy organization






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