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Dealer Code of Conduct

  1. Use an honest approach to conducting that sale. To be honest with customers Do not deceive consumers, buyers or society at large. Don't give any exaggerated or false information. Increasing sales should emphasize sincerity and honesty with customers and society. or using dishonest methods lack of sincerity to customers presenting good quality products that meet the standards for society including maintaining customer confidentiality and does not disclose customer's confidential information

  2. Pay attention to the attention of customers Sincere in service to help customers solve problems and meet their needs. Be a fast tracker of complaints without discrimination against customers. Whether the customer has a large or small amount of different orders The service provision is equal and equitable, i.e. provide good and satisfactory service to the customers.

  3. Regularly perform after-sales work Because after-sales service provided to customers reflects the care, care and follow-up after using the customer's products. Resellers are provided with usage, satisfaction, product reviews, pros and cons. which can lead to product development and improvement It also helps to maintain customer base and build loyalty to the product to become a long-term customer.

  4. Distributors should therefore be responsible to the company. by having to work with a commitment to create stability, growth and progress for the company The dealer must have knowledge of the product. study marketing news Learn and get to know competitors. Help maintain the good image of the company. Help maintain company secrets Be careful not to cause damage Not cooperating with other people to cause damage to the company. Do not disclose company secrets

  5. Distributors must also have a code of conduct towards their competitors. By refraining from unethical behavior such as avoiding attacks on competitors. Negatively mention competitors' products or policies. unfairly compare competitors Such actions are considered unethical acts. And it may cause customers to have a bad attitude towards the dealer and the company.

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