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On-site training course

Principle and reason


All our training courses On-site training is available  for those interested from various organizations  On-site training is organized according to schedules and training formats can be designed accordingly. the needs of that organization


We pay attention to the quality of the location, the quality of the rooms and the equipment used in the training. including various service standards  to develop personnel to have knowledge, skills, and abilities, emphasizing training To provide the most benefit to the participants in order to be able to actually do and develop further. in accordance with the objectives set by the organization


The course focuses on making the participants easy to understand. It creates relaxation, smiles, love, unity, and solidarity.




  1. for the participants to train in that organization have activities together They have worked together to make cosmetic products together, thinking and designing the scents, colors of cosmetic products together.

  2. In order for the participants to create a positive attitude in the team and the organization as well as being together happily through learning through cosmetic product making activities

  3. for the participants to bring knowledge from various cosmetic product making courses Used to take care of their own beauty and health. and can continue to grow into a business



​course content

  1. Participants understand the course content and cosmetic products selected for the training. by the content enough to understand in order to be the basis

  2. The participants understood the medicinal flavor and techniques of using herbs  including natural extracts. for use as an ingredient in cosmetics In order to be able to formulate and develop it yourself safely  without causing irritation and side effects.

  3. Participants understand the basic components of cosmetic product forms according to the chosen course such as emulsion, cream, lotion, gel, serum, liquid, oil, ointment, etc., and the key ingredients in cosmetic products. Setting up cosmetic formulas in various forms understandable and able to do

  4. The participants understand how to easily modify the formula of cosmetic products by themselves. Understand the basic components of cosmetic making Working principle of various cosmetic products

  5. Participants understand how to extract essential substances in medicinal plants in a simple way.  and how to use them in products to see results. Learn about the properties of each herb and the percentage of use that actually works.   is properly inserted into the formula.




  1. The participants practiced making cosmetic products in the course , focusing on easy-to-understand lessons. It's practical, it can be done, and it can actually be reused or sold.

  2. The participants used laboratory equipment and general application of equipment that can be produced according to the law. There is no need to buy expensive equipment.

  3. The participants knew how to test the stability of cosmetics after cosmetic production  Cream quality inspection. Product stability, look, colour, smell, absorption, blending, texture, pH determination as well as pH adjustments to keep cosmetic products safe. and suitable for the skin

  4. Participants were given cosmetic formulas along with how to make them. and an easy-to-understand formula adjustment method , the participants can now apply. Those who complete this course can immediately start a business in skin care cosmetics. Introduce how to calculate the cost of cream in kilograms. and how to increase / reduce the cost of the formula

  5. Participants know how to contact FDA to ask for a place to produce cosmetics (Cosmetics Factory) and the process of requesting a notification receipt number (FDA number)  know the document preparation process. and the permission process

  6. recommend an expert Making a system of international standards such as GMP, HALAL, ISO and other international system standards related to the cosmetic factory in order for the participants to develop the cosmetic business

  7. recommend a consultant Marketing  Branding  and Digital Marketing for participants to expand their cosmetic business.


Schedule various training courses can be changed as appropriate according to the needs of the organization or by agreement




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