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Consumer Complaint Center (24 hours)

Thai aesthetic medicine company Limited Thank you very much. For complaints that you have, please notify. By the company  will be used to modify and develop products and services to be better. You can complain in the following cases.

1. The product has a problem  such as damaged, not the one you ordered, not received, expired, etc.

2. The service does not meet the standards of the   service agreement.


If the product has a problem


If you find that the product has a problem such as defective, not as ordered, not complete, not as advertised, expired, when purchasing there is no problem, but when using it back, there is a problem, etc., can proceed as follows

1. Collect evidence   purchase order or purchase order,  shopping conversation message between you and the seller. (Company/Agent),  Seller Information (Company/Agent),  Proof of Payment,  Take a Photo goods and keep the goods as evidence

2. Contact the seller (the company/agent) to solve the problem.  If you buy and encounter problems immediately or after which does not exceed the period according to the conditions for returning or replacing the product Please hurry to return the product or claim the product within the specified period. to call on the seller (the company/agent) modify or replace the product or refund by following the steps that the company Mentioned in   Return or Exchange Policy. If it has not been corrected within the specified period of time You can complain to the company  24 hours every day.

Complaint Channel

1. Complain via LINE [ Click here ]

2. Complain via Inbox [ Click here ]

3. Complain through the complaint form

complaint form

Thank you for the complaint information.

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