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OEM : R & D 2 (formulated)

Formula developed by expert researchers with more than 20 years of experience, providing one-stop service (ONE STOP SERVICE) Customers can choose the desired formula and can customize the extract properties, texture, color and scent accordingly. need

- We have a factory to produce all kinds of creams and skin care cosmetics according to GMP standards.

- Supervise and provide product design, label and packaging services

- Comprehensive business consulting services

- Planning the production to get quality products meet international standards

- Cosmetic registration service (FDA) under your own brand

Formulated OEM is to unpack product formulas and to teach customers how to make products in every step of the way, revealing every step of the recipe.


1. Customer details to be notified

- customer name

- address

- Mobile (the most convenient contact)

- House number/office number 

- Line ID

- Email

- other


2. The product requires that the formula be unpacked.

- Select/take a sample of the product you want to produce/unpack the formula Take as an example    .

- set cost price per kg

- Price per bar (in the case of bar soap)

- Desired product properties

- desired color

- desired scent

- There is a sample of the product to bring (if any) is

Want to develop formulas and teach customers how to produce formulas

Additional details (if any)

**Formulation development fee and teaching how to produce formula for customers

In this case, the payment will be made only when  has agreed on the product price **Formulation development fee and teach the customer how to produce the formula.  

Done, both parties are customers and Chang Kaew Natural Co., Ltd. formula development price. It is the price for making samples for customers to try before they come to study.

** The formula development will be the same as the sample sent by the customer at 70-80% (because the formula development (unpack the formula) has conditions for experimental factors such as

- Some extracts are copyrighted.

- Some smells are specific production.

- The texture of the skin when applied to each person's skin is different.

- Results depend on individual skin condition 


when sending samples to customers for trial The customer accepts the product. The next step is to schedule a date and time for the customer to come in for training. (Private training) Teaching recipes openly at every step and informing where to buy raw materials




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