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business ethics

The company will conduct business. on the basis of accountability, transparency, honesty and the ability to compete By treating and coordinating benefits to all groups of stakeholders with fairness as follows:

  1. shareholder

    The company realizes that the shareholders are the owners of the business. And the company has a duty to create added value for shareholders in the long run. Therefore, the guidelines for directors, executives and employees have been established as follows:

    1.1 Perform duties to the best of their ability with honesty, prudence, prudence and fairness for the best interests of the shareholders as a whole

    1.2 Presenting the earnings report financial status report and other reports that are accurate, complete and timely

    1.3 Equally inform all shareholders of the Company's future trends, both positive and negative. which is based on possibility There is sufficient supporting and rational information.

    1.4 Do not seek benefits for yourself and others by using any information of the Company which has not been disclosed to the public. or take any action in a manner that may cause a conflict of interest with the Company

  2. customer

    The company realizes the importance and satisfaction of customers. that affect the success of the company's business Therefore, we are determined to seek methods that can meet the needs of our customers more efficiently and effectively at all times. and is trusted by customers The guidelines are as follows:

    2.1 Deliver quality products and services Meets or exceeds customer expectations

    2.2 Communicate with customers with politeness Provide accurate, adequate and timely information to customers To know about the goods and services without exaggeration that causes the customer to mislead about the quality, quantity or any condition. of products and services

    2.3 Comply with the conditions strictly with customers In the event that any conditions cannot be fulfilled Must notify customers immediately to jointly consider a solution to the problem

    2.4 Establish a system and channels for customers to complain about quality, quantity and safety. of goods and services And customers need to get a quick response.

    2.5 Keep the confidentiality of the customer and do not use it for any wrongful gain.

    2.6 Provide advice on how to use the Company's products and services effectively. and maximum benefit

  3. partner

    The company is aware of fair treatment of business partners. on the basis of obtaining fair returns for both parties The company therefore provides truthful information. accurate report fulfill the commitment Negotiating a solution based on business relationships as well as avoiding situations that cause conflicts of interest with the following guidelines:

    3.1 Not asking for, not receiving or paying any benefits dishonest in trading with trading partners

    3.2 In the event that there is information that there is a claim or receipt or payment of any benefit that is dishonest, the relevant information must be disclosed to the trading partner. and together to solve problems quickly

    3.3 Comply with various conditions strictly according to the contract In the event that any conditions cannot be complied with Must notify partners in advance to jointly consider a solution to the problem

  4. competitor

    The Company is aware of fair treatment of competitors. The guidelines are as follows:

    4.1 Not seeking confidential information of competitors by dishonest or inappropriate means.

    4.2 Not destroying the reputation of competitors by making malicious accusations.

  5. employee

    The company recognizes that employees are the most valuable resource to the success of the company. therefore treat employees fairly in terms of rewards, opportunities and potential development. by adhering to the principles of human rights that do not discriminate against any person because of similarities or differences in race, religion, sex, age or physical condition The guidelines are as follows:

    5.1 Treat employees with respect for individuality. and human dignity

    5.2 Provide fair compensation to employees.

    5.3 Maintain a safe working environment for employees' lives and properties. appoint, transfer, reward and punish employees. in good faith and based on the knowledge, abilities and suitability of the employees

    5.4 Give importance to knowledge development and competence of employees thoroughly

    5.5 Avoid any action unfair This may have an impact on the job security of employees. or any action threatening or create pressure on the mental state of employees

  6. Supervising organization

    The company realizes the importance of complying with the law. and in accordance with the correct business model by strictly complying with laws, regulations, rules and official standards as well as fully cooperate with the regulatory organizations

  7. society and community

    The Company is aware of operating its business with social and community responsibility, taking into account the potential impacts on natural resources and the environment. therefore provide assistance and support for various activities to create society and community Maintain and restore natural resources as well as continuing to develop the community to focus on sustainable development






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