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production standard

production standard

Cosmetic products of the company Cosmetics are properly registered  from the Ministry of Public Health by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) with international standard production processes. including  Certified for product quality inspection according to standards under the standard factory GMP  (GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICE (GMP) FOR COSMETICS)  The products are supervised and inspected in every production process_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b. -136bad5cf58d_which will be checked  Facility Requirements Tools  Equipment

Containers, production methods and cosmetic storage methods are divided into the following categories:

Section 1 General information

Section 2 Personnel

Section 3 Place of Production 1

Category 4 Tools, Appliances and Production Equipment

Section 5 Hygiene and Hygiene

Section 6 Production Operations

Section 7 Quality Control

Section 8 Production Documents

Section 9 Storage

Chapter 10 Complaints

until the finished cosmetic product is sent for quality testing in a standardized laboratory To provide products with quality standards and safety for consumers  and earn the trust of consumers in return.

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